I had a great first shoot with Sam at his studio, he is a wonderful photographer and I enjoyed every minute I was there. He is very professional, down to earth and a true gentleman. Sam guided me throughout the whole shoot and gave me feedback where needed. He also showed me the photos throughout the shoot via his iPad which really benefited me.
We shot a number of different styles from portraits to fashion and Sams pre-comms are great. Sam helped me build new skills which will stick with me forever throughout my modelling career. He made me feel super comfortable and I am already thinking of booking in another shoot with him.
I would highly recommend working with Sam


I had a super shoot with Sam a few weeks back at his lovely studio in Wiltshire. Sam is such a lovely person to work with and great company, we got on really well and created some fantastic images together.

Sam is a brilliant photographer who gives good energy and feedback throughout the shoot, I am delighted with what we achieved and I hope we can work together again. 
Thanks for a super shoot.
Highly recommended.
Carla :)

Sam was brilliant to work with. Super professional, full of positive energy, and a meticulous planner of his shoots from start to end which made my life a breeze!

He came loaded with mood boards and styling ideas and even having never shot dance images before, had an amazing eye for it immediately. Sam gave great direction and set up the room in a way that everyone could see the images live, which made it a really collaborative experience.

His beautiful studio is also equipped with anything you might need; makeup station, changing room, drinks, sandwiches, you name it!

I’m so happy with how the images turned out and would love to work with him again!

I worked with Sam at his wonderful studio the other day and had an absolute BLAST! It was our first time working together and I am always a little nervous but needn't have been with Sam, as he was so professional, down to earth and kind, with coffee and sandwiches on hand and great music!
Sam's studio is such a beautiful highly presentable space-I have studio envy! The extension he has achieved is an absolutely wonderful space to use and has everything the model or creative needs to hand, even with a separate shower room space.
The backdrops, lighting and the ability to see the photoshoot tethered to a laptop as we went along were also super helpful and wonderful to use.
Sam is a highly talented photographer, gives fantastic direction and created such beautiful lighting during the session. It is very clear that he has photography in his veins!
He was also on hand to advise with styling and as a result the resulting photographs were absolutely STUNNING! He was super kind to share these with me and I am blown away with them!
Sam's "behind the scenes" shooting on video was also fantastic (I always forget!). I am greatly looking forward to working together again in the future and can highly recommend Sam to everyone.
Thank you for a lovely day! Helen x

I absolutely loved shooting with Sam. From the minute I arrived I instantly felt comfortable. He’s very friendly and makes you feel relaxed whilst also so professional.

His work is absolutely incredible, from the general images, to the backdrops, perfect lightening etc. The images came up on a computer screen instantly as they were being taken and as I saw them I thought they already looked edited with good they looked.

Also, his studio has a changing room, toilet, makeup station, snacks and water/fizzy/hot drinks which is ideal.

He’s very talented at what he does and I 100% recommend working with him and I can’t wait to work with him again!
From the moment I approached Sam about getting some professional head shots for a website he was professional and dedicated to my project. All I knew is that I wanted to capture my personality and communicate that to my potential clientele- now I’m no model, business woman or marketing expert - I am a nurse trying to branch out but with his expert guidance and suggestions he has captured my personality in picture form beautifully.

His attention to detail and passion for achieving the desired results are second to none and I will always consider more shoots like this hopefully as my business grows!

The select few I have shown the pictures to before releasing them to the general public have all commented on how that is truly me and my fun but professional side captured.


Finally had the opportunity to shoot with Sam and boy was it worth the journey from Bristol! Sam has a fantastically equipped studio with facilities for outfit changing and makeup retouching. We managed to shoot a bunch of different looks in the time and every single set was unique.

Sam is professional, friendly and a good laugh to shoot with. He made me feel at ease the whole time and really brought out the best in me to get natural and fun shots. He was able to explain his ideas for poses and looks clearly but also allowed me to explore my own creativity throughout the shoot.

I would 100% recommend shooting with Sam to any model, beginner or professional.


Absolutely loved my experience working with Sam from start to finish! His creativity and attention to detail when shooting is next to none, it’s so refreshing to work with a photographer who looks for quality over quantity.

Can’t wait to work with Sam again in the future to see what shots we can create together!!

Dannii RB

I had my first shoot with Sam, and I was SO impressed! He had some amazing and creative ideas, and is very experienced with lighting and general set ups. We spoke about a few ideas the weeks leading up to the shoot, and managed to get some fantastic shots that we had discussed.

Sam is a lovely and genuine person, he made me comfortable and safe throughout. He was very respectful and always asked if I was comfortable throughout. I highly recommend Sam! Very professional and dedicated to the shots he wants to create.

Can’t wait to shoot again!

Jemma G

I was really looking forward to working with Sam, as I loved the style of his photography and couldn't wait to get stuck in.
When I arrived, Sam was lovely, professional and welcoming. He showed me his studio where we'd be working and started to ask questions to gauge what kind of photos I was after, as well as getting to me know a little better, which worked wonders for starting off the shoot.
He was incredibly supportive, and if I wasn't sure on a pose or outfit, he would offer advice on how to improve or suggest changing it up entirely to make me feel more comfortable.
We covered a whole range of styles which definitely helped to keep things interesting on set, as well as showing the wide range that Sam is able to cover and the skills required for diversity.

I really enjoyed shooting with Sam, and I loved the images that came through. I would definitely want to shoot with him again - such a great day!

Laura Christine

I had such a fantastic shoot with Sam. Everything was so well planned before hand, like the outfits, lighting, etc. Sam is very professional in his work and his studio was very comfortable to work in.

Sam was more than happy to do some crazy shots for me and my portfolio and we got exactly what I wanted! He was so lovely to work with, he gave me advice when I needed it, he made me feel very comfortable and relaxed throughout my shoot. He really gave me a massive confidence boost! Sam even provided us with some snacks and drinks!

 Overall, I had such a fun experience. I would highly recommend Sam if you’re looking for high quality, professional photos! I would love to work with him again. 

Ria Williams

Sam's logistical and creative planning along with his attention to detail are just some of the reasons why I consider Sam to be an exceptional photographer. From the get go Sam made me feel confident in the space and I was comfortable sharing my ideas and opinions throughout our session together.

He maintains the upmost respect for the model and whether you are a beginner in the industry or an experienced professional, I couldn't recommend his services enough.

I also have to give credit to Sam's four-legged, fluffy assistant Lucy - a friendly and and supportive pooch!

Emma Falcon

Shooting with Sam was such a great experience! I have done two photo sessions with Sam so far and the atmosphere was incredible on each shoot. He is very professional, friendly and knowledgeable.

I would definitely recommend shooting with Sam. Everything was just perfect from the set up to the final photographs. After the shoot I definitely left with more confidence and a smile on my face.

Julita Dunda

I had a brilliant shoot with Sam in his studio. Was a very lovely, clean and well equipped space. He made me feel very comfortable from the get go, with great pre comms and very easy to get along with throughout.

You can tell Sam is a great photographer, very professional, organised, and with a clear vision in mind. He provided me with great feedback, direction and advice when needed, and worked to a good pace. Overall, I had a great experience on the day and am very happy with the exceptional images he took.

Would whole heartedly recommend! 

Poppy Oakey
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