A recent trip to USA covering 1500 miles of Utah culminated in a large number of photos and a fantastic story, an adventure if you will. The book below is the account of that trip in photographic form, but includes my story behind our adventure as well as narrative from two of the models featured in the book. 

My interest in photography was founded in the darkroom where you had to print your images to see the photos you had taken so I have always believed in the printed image. Making a book might seem self-indulgent, but for me it is cathartic and importantly a physical record. A stark contrast to the digital world of swiping through photos.

I didn't make this book for anyone but myself but the nature of the firm I have used means it can also be purchased by others. There is no mark up, just the cost of printing and shipping. So if you have any interest, just watch out for their discount codes which can make it half price.

There is a hardback and cheaper soft back version of the book.
Click below for a preview of the pages. 
Note, the preview allows you to flip through the first 15 pages of the book, the rest of the book is in printed form only.
Twenty Two

A collection of photos taken last year with some awesome people. The book is intended as personal retrospective, a means to review my work at the end of the next 12 months. I also love seeing photos in their intended, printed form and a book is a lot more organised than having 70 odd individual prints done. This is only here available to buy as curiously I had a few people ask me for the link. So if you really want a copy, feel free to order one. As ever wait for the voucher codes and there is a hardback or cheaper paperback copy.
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