Finally had the opportunity to shoot with Sam and boy was it worth the journey from Bristol! Sam has a fantastically equipped studio with facilities for outfit changing and makeup retouching. We managed to shoot a bunch of different looks in the time and every single set was unique.

Sam is professional, friendly and a good laugh to shoot with. He made me feel at ease the whole time and really brought out the best in me to get natural and fun shots. He was able to explain his ideas for poses and looks clearly but also allowed me to explore my own creativity throughout the shoot. I would 100% recommend shooting with Sam to any model, beginner or professional.

I think Kat looks amazing in this shot above. Anyone who has worked with me will know I’m a big fan of the word contrast. I say it a lot when shooting 😅 Contrast comes in many forms, the obvious being the black vs white jump suit that Kat is wearing. The stark contrasting stripes against the dark background really draws the eye. The other form of contrast in these images are the contrasting shapes. The human eye quickly finds comfort in symmetry as we like order in what we see. Photographers often speak of the golden ratio or leading lines. In this first image, Kat is perfectly balanced, dissecting my image at 45 degrees with her feet creating the leading line to her head. Each segment of the image is then broken up by the shapes she has created with her knee or elbows, each shape in contrast to the next.

On their own, these are small aspects of the image, but collectively they make the photograph more impactful. The main reason is your brain looks at the photo and is instantly satisfied by the symmetry that has been created and can therefore focus on the important parts, the facial expressions or general feel of the moment that has been captured.

There’s a fun back story to this shot. I bought the jump suit as I had a clear idea of the style I wanted. At first I wanted something with a more checkerboard look to it, but that went out of stock and so fate lead me to this one. Kat tried it on and it was a perfect fit. I’ve never seen someone so happy, she was bouncing around my studio bare foot saying how much she loved how she felt in it. She announced “I feel like a business woman!”. You could see her confidence as she strutted around in her power suit. 

Katarina was so much fun to work with, so much grace and vintage elegance, but also boundless energy. As soon as she put that jump suit on I knew she needed to keep it, so I look forward to seeing Kat in other shoots wearing her power suit.
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